About MoLT

Who we are?

Since established in 2005, MoLT (MINISTRY OF LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES) has fast becoming a dynamic company expanding our offerings to served customers in various countries.

We strive to provide customers with the best modern teaching and learning solutions to meet their human capital development needs. We place great emphasis on our customer’s human capital enablement problems and goals by developing effective learning solutions that are best suited to drive industrial growth and transformation.

As our customer’s trusted partner, we will ensure our customer’s learning needs are carefully evaluated and will choose the best methods to fulfil their human capital development objectives with the integration of effective modern learning solutions.


To leverage modern digital technologies so as to deliver learning assessment, services and programs that transform human performance.


  • Produce outstanding business outcomes leveraging modern learning technologies
  • Offer varieties of learning assessment & learning consulting services
  • Design, Develop and Deliver high impact integrated learning programs & services

What we do

MoLT helps organizations and governments identify their learning gaps between where they are now and where they need to be by deploying the appropriate pedagogy, services and technologies to bridge those gaps.

Scope of works could range from re-engineer of learning process, migrate to a new learning technology platform, or deliver a customized transformation workshops.

Learning Transformation

Modern Classroom: Improve Learning Outcome.

Modern Classroom prepares students to maximize their potential, empowering through experience and knowledge inside and outside of the classroom. Educators and students today need a common toolkit to bridge the gap between the classroom and industry with a curriculum that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, and productivity.

MoLT helps you enablement modern classroom by:

  • Assessing your educator’s blended learning competency
  • Design & develop modern classroom instructional design
  • Deploy Game-based / Simulated Learning contents
  • Design and development of blended learning contents
  • Provision of Pre-schools, K12, Higher Ed and English digital contents
  • Project management to integrate multiple solutions under a single pedagogical design