The Products

MoLT envisions a world where every individual has an opportunity to succeed, and entire communities thrive as a result.

Collaborative Online Learning and Assessment (COLA)

COLA is a mobile platform that allows anyone to create and deliver online courses.
Learners are able to enrol and do online learning and assessment.

Best English Proficiency (BEC)

BEC is an interactive English language tools focusing on practical daily scenario.
You will benefit: the method to learn vocabulary, useful expressions and you will gain a good pronunciation in English.

MoLT Simulated Learning Platform (SIMU)

MoLT Simulator is a computer-based simulated learning engine that allows users to gain years of business experience and practical knowlegde through realistic simulated scenarios.

Student Information Management System(SIMS)

An information system that can enables BDP students to access into Blue Dolphin E-Learning Space. Once logged in using a unique QR code or user id and password, children and parents will be able to access e-services such as

  • E-book
  • E-games
  • School announcement
  • Class photo album
  • School photo album

Students’ Attendance Tracking System (SATS)

  • Tracks children’s attendance
  • Offers a security system that verifies the actual parents registered

Teachers’ Attendance Tracking System (TATS)

Tracks teachers’ attendance.